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Our estate uses several techniques and systems to preserve our environment and to use our resources optimally.

Restoring and managing ecosystems 

We remove 5 alien species annually and replace these plants with indigenous trees that are approved by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as part of an attempt to sustain our ecosystem.

The Porto Protocol 

The Porto Protocol is a dynamic database of ideas, a shared resource from which all users can benefit. We participate in projects initiated by the organisation and identify opportunities to work with other members. 

Sustainable farming practices

      Our Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) certification offers assurance that grape production is undertaken with careful consideration of the environment and that wine is produced in an environmentally responsible manner.
      The estate has Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) accreditation, due its high level of good-practice standards.
      Waterford Estate is a member of the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative (BWI), which means that we’re committed to environmentally friendly farming practices in every facet of our winemaking process.
      The estate is one of 37 wine brands with WWF Conservation Champion status.
      All wines produced at Waterford Estate qualify for the Integrity & Sustainability Seal.

Innovative structure of our Barrel Room 

Our Barrel Room was designed with a specific feature to ensure temperature regulation during the winter months. 

Water waste management  

The water used in our cellar is recycled in our innovative delta separation system and is then used for irrigation on the estate.

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