The Wine Drive Safari Experience: Exploring the beauty of South African wines

By Jeremy Maarschalk

Wednesday - 30/08/2023

Nestled in the heart of the Stellenbosch region, the crown jewel of Red Wine terroir in South Africa lies a hidden gem that promises to indulge all your senses. Our Wine Drive Safari offers a captivating journey through the 120-hectare estate on the picturesque slopes of the Helderberg mountain. This extraordinary experience invites you to discover the fascinating world of wine while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Details and Reservations

The Wine Drive Safari Experience is available throughout the week, offering two time slots at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. The cost per person is R1760, which includes a guided tour on our safari vehicle around our estate with two different stops where guests can expect a luxurious tasting of our fine wine collection amongst the vineyards of their origin. It's a journey that promises to deepen your appreciation for the intricate connection between nature, wine, and the senses.

Waterford Estate is located 50 km outside of Cape Town in the Stellenbosch region. Our passion is Cabernet Sauvignon but we grow twelve different grape varieties on our diverse terroir with eleven of them being red wine varieties and Chardonnay being our only white.

Join us for your own Wine Drive Safari Experience by booking via the link below:

Booking is required seven days in advance to ensure the seamless, luxury experience can be offered at the level we expect it to.

Preserving Nature, One Vine at a Time

Our commitment to environmental conservation is epitomised in our regenerative farming initiative. Every action performed out in the vineyard is executed with an understanding of its impact on the surrounding nature. The estate dedicates only half of its vast property to vineyards, allowing the natural Fynbos to flourish untouched. This unique approach to viticulture is a testament to our mission to preserve the natural beauty of the land. As you embark on the Wine Drive Safari Experience, you will witness this harmony between vines and mother nature in every detail of our estate, from the natural cover crop that lines our vines to the cattle that tame this cover crop and create their own brand of compost thus nurturing the soil and microbial life.

The Journey of the Senses

The Wine Drive Safari Experience is more than a mere wine tasting excursion; it's an exploration of all your senses. As you step aboard the safari-type vehicle, the journey commences through the undulating terrain of the estate. Your guide, an expertly trained individual in our viticultural techniques, regenerative efforts, and winemaking will tailor the experience to suit your every need.

The heart of the experience lies in the wine tasting amidst the very vineyards that give birth to these exquisite wines. Savour the award-winning Estate wines as you absorb the grandeur of our vine-covered slopes. Each sip tells a story of the terroir, the climate, and the artistry that goes into crafting every bottle.

To further enhance your experience a carefully curated handcrafted platter for two accompanies every Wine Drive Safari Experience and to further delight your senses, you will enjoy our wine and chocolate pairing at the highest point of the estate. This pairing elevates the tasting into a symphony of flavours, highlighting the delicate nuances of both the wines and one's senses.

The Grand Finale

As the experience draws to a close we have one last luxury for all who embark on this journey with us. The tasting culminates in a tasting of The Jem, a wine renowned for its complexity and character, representing the pinnacle of Waterford Estate’s winemaking prowess. Indulging in this wine, visitors are left feeling enriched with a heightened appreciation for the meticulous attention to detail that is evident throughout every facet of our winemaking journey. The picturesque view being the perfect pairing for this exceptional wine and the guests newfound appreciation for the winemaking process.

The Wine Drive Safari at Waterford Estate invites you to step beyond the conventional wine tasting experience. It's a chance to not only taste the fruits of the land but also to immerse yourself in the very essence of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Through this unique exploration, you'll come to understand and celebrate the delicate balance between preserving nature, viticulture, winemaking and the beauty of the South African landscape.

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