Exploring the Waterford Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2019: A symphony of terroir and timeless elegance

By Jeremy Maarschalk

Monday - 18/12/2023

Master of Wine, Jean-Michel Valette, summed up the South African winelands perfectly saying, “You don't just have old soils you have the oldest rocks, the oldest mountains, the oldest continent and that is a heritage that nobody else can take away”.

The Waterford Kevin Arnold Shiraz embodies the terroir of the Stellenbosch and Upper Blaauwklippen Valley. This wine encapsulates the unique characteristics of this prestigious region, celebrating the synergy between soil, climate, and meticulous vineyard management.

At Waterford Estate, winemaking is more than a craft; it is a harmonious dance between nature, artistry and science behind each bottle. We are guided by our quest to honour the oldest soils of our great continent in a bid to create authentic and exceptional fine wines. Rooted in our deep connection to the Helderberg Mountain’s terroir, our commitment to our terroir is felt in our wine sensory journey from ancient traditions to new inspiration.

The opportunity to taste an unreleased vintage stirs an excitement in our team few will understand. This incredible vintage reveals a complex aromatic profile that mirrors its ancient terroir. On the nose, the wine shows layers of leather, spice, smoked savoury meatiness, and aromatic fynbos. The palate is characterised by vibrant acidity, complemented by notes of violets and red fruits a standout quality due to our old-world winemaking style. The Mourvèdre component adds depth with charred baking spices, creating a wine with refined tannins and a balancing acidity, providing an elegant finish with depth and complexity.

Evolution over Time: A Wine's Journey

After 5 years, the Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2019 transforms gracefully. Savoury notes develop tertiary expressions, spice integrates with leather, and fresh fruit evolves into dried fruit nuances. The tannins soften, integrating seamlessly, while vibrant acidity metamorphoses into a mineral body, enhancing the lingering finish. After a decade, the wine's colour transitions to a brick-red hue, offering a rich, generous palate with soft tannins and gentle mineral acidity, showcasing the poise of a perfectly aged wine.

The 2019 vintage in the Cape Winelands was marked by increased rainfall and cooler weather, presenting challenges and opportunities. The resulting fruit-forward profile, especially in late-ripening varietals like Shiraz, reflects the winemaking decision to extend the ripening period for balanced tannins. This vintage encapsulates the delicate interplay between mother nature’s elements and the experience of our dedicated craftsmen, yielding a wine of exceptional character and timeless elegance. The Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2019 stands as a testament to the marriage of terroir, craftsmanship, and the passage of time.

This undeniable crowd favourite has just hit the shelves and with being poured into our tasting room as we speak.

Interested in tasting this masterpiece of South Africa’s ancient soils?

Visit our tasting room for this unique opportunity, booking is essential and can be done via the link below:


For those who can’t visit us we have you covered, with nationwide shipping you can enjoy the Kevin Arnold Shiraz in the comfort of your own home, available via the link below:


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Exploring the Waterford Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2019: A symphony of terroir and timeless elegance
Exploring the Waterford Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2019: A symphony of terroir and timeless elegance By Jeremy Maarschalk Monday - 18/12/2023...