Taste of South Africa - The Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

By Jeremy Maarschalk

Tuesday - 9 May 2024

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Stellenbosch, South Africa, lies the heart of winemaking excellence - Waterford Estate. Amidst this scenic beauty, on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon thrives, embodying the essence of terroir and craftsmanship.

The Stellenbosch Cabernet Collective: A Legacy of Terroir

To understand the significance of Waterford Estate's Cabernet Sauvignon, one must delve into Stellenbosch's winemaking prowess. Stellenbosch celebrated as a wine lover's paradise, owes much of its fame to the noble Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

This rich tapestry of microclimates and soil types provides winemakers with a palette of possibilities, enabling them to craft wines that capture the essence of the land.

Our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon stands as a testament to this commitment to terroir. Harvested from the north-facing slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, where five soil types converge, the wine embodies the unique character of its surroundings. Cellarmaster, Mark le Roux's authentic approach to winemaking ensures that each vintage reflects the purity and elegance that Helderberg Cabernet drinkers have become accustomed to.

From Vineyard to Cellar: Crafting Excellence

The journey from vineyard to cellar is one of patience and precision. Here, the grapes ripen under the intense Stellenbosch sun, while the soil imparts structure and vibrancy to the wine, all held by the cooling effect of the gentle breeze from the nearby ocean.

In the cellar, the winemaking process unfolds with a delicate touch. French oak barrels nurture the wine, allowing it to develop complexity and character over time. The tame use of oak ensures that the fruit remains in the foreground, while still providing structure and depth to the wine.

Each vintage heralds a new chapter in the Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon saga. With over two decades of experience behind them, the winemaking team has crafted a wine that epitomises classical elegance. Pure fruit, earthy notes, and a seamless tannin structure define this vintage, underscored by the unmistakable influence of the Helderberg terroir.

A Journey of Evolution: Ageing Gracefully

One of the most captivating aspects of Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon is its ability to evolve with time. Mark le Roux champions this, noting that while the wine exudes vibrancy in its youth, it reaches a point of true intrigue around the fifteen-year mark. “Here, flavours of forest floor and mushroom intertwine with vibrant fruit, creating a symphony of complexity on the palate.”

We don’t believe that one should end their journey with the Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon here, journey further with the wine as its potential further unravels, showcasing the enduring spirit of Stellenbosch's winemaking tradition.

A Wine of Distinction: Awards and Accolades

The accolades speak for themselves - the Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon has garnered critical acclaim, with the 2018 vintage earning 94 points in the Tim Atkin Special Report 2022 and currently is rated amongst the top 25 South African Cabernet Sauvignon’s in the USA by Vivino.

It's a testament to the dedication and passion of the winemaking team, and a promise of excellence in every bottle.

As the curtains draw on this exploration of excellence, wine enthusiasts are invited to embark on their own journey of discovery. Whether it's a sip of the current vintage or a glimpse into the storied past of the estate, Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon promises an experience like no other.

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