The Jem Experience 

An exquisite journey into the artistry of Fine Wine and Culinary Mastery

Thursday - 10 August 2023

The Jem Experience - where impeccable taste and refined craftsmanship intertwine to create a truly unforgettable journey. This sophisticated offering showcases the artistry behind a symphony of flavours in a bid to grasp the intricacies of fine wine.

Join us for an experience like none other!

The Jem Experience is R2 850 for two, and increases in shared portions.

It includes a bottle of The Jem 2016 and a grilled prime rib on the bone, with an assortment of “blending” components, each representing a blending component of The Jem. These blending components were chosen specifically to accentuate the backbone of the meal in the grilled prime rib.

The duck fat roasted potatoes, the homemade pancetta, miso aubergine, beetroot puree, glazed baby onion, babaganoush, and handmade jus meld together perfectly to create the ideal blend and pairing complement to The Jem 2016.

Available from the 8th of August until the 31st of August.

Booking is required a day in advance. 

Contact to secure your luxury experience.


Follow the link below to secure your spot, simply select the date, the number of people booking for the experience and then select The Jem Experience.

A Feast for the Senses

At the heart of this elegant experience is The Jem, an exceptional fine wine that embodies the pinnacle of winemaking artistry. Crafted with experience and attention to detail, The Jem is a true masterpiece, a blend that represents the diverse planting of cultivars at Waterford Estate as well as the rich diversity of the nation. The harmonious blend of flavours is an expression of the sense of place, taking wine enthusiasts on a journey that explores the richness of culture, winemaking experience and heritage.

Complementing the exquisite wine is an extraordinary culinary creation, meticulously prepared to enhance the tasting journey. A perfectly cooked Ribeye on the bone forms the centerpiece of the dish, representing the backbone, Cabernet Sauvignon, of The Jem blend.

The artistry in the plating is what sets The Jem Experience apart. The SALT chefs worked closely with cellarmaster, Mark le Roux, and thoughtfully arranged the elements of the dish around the centre piece with care as each culinary element represents a blending element of The Jem, illustrating the complexity and craftsmanship involved in crafting this extraordinary wine.

Shared Indulgence

"The Jem Experience" is designed to be shared, amplifying the enjoyment as friends and loved ones come together to enjoy this fine wine experience. This experience will deepen the well of appreciation you have for fine wine and culinary brilliance as this experience fosters connections and memories that linger long after the last sip is savoured.

The Jem 2016, a masterful blend where experience, patience and skill lead to a reward of generosity and poise.

The Intricacies of Fine Wine and Artistry

The Jem Experience is a lesson in luxury redefined, seeking to immerse guests in the artistry of winemaking and culinary excellence. Every sip of The Jem becomes an exploration of Waterford Estate’s vision, passion and heritage as the meticulously blend bestows a sense of harmony and expertise on all who taste it.

Join us for this unforgettable experience and leave with a new appreciation for the art of fine wine and elegant cuisine.

Book your exclusive The Jem Experience before all of our slots fill up. This is an amazing opportunity to taste some of the finest cuisine paired with one of South Africa’s finest wine.

Hurry up! Sale ends once the timer hits zero


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