Get a glimpse of Waterford Estate
with Jeremy Maarschalk

Monday - 24 April 2023

Picture the scene, you've planned a trip out in the Stellenbosch Winelands, your bags are

packed, you've chosen your outfits and you cannot wipe the grin of excitement off of your face.

We at Waterford Estate decided to create a video walkthrough giving you a glimpse of what you

can expect during your visit to our Estate. Our tasting room offers a unique experience,

encapsulated in Tuscan architecture causing time to move differently in our courtyard. Sipping

on fine wines crafted with the care and poise that is indicative of the quality of the personnel and

brand who craft it.

Follow Jeremy Maarschalk as he takes you through the signature Waterford Estate Experience,

from a warm welcome on your arrival, the knowledgeable staff, the casual seating and even a

sneak peek at the cellar. This look at our Tasting Room shows the design and flow of the facility

and how you can expect to be treated during your tasting experience.

The Tasting Room was designed to be encapsulated by the winemaking process, where guests

can observe the day-to-day runnings of crafting wine. The hustle and bustle of our busy

winemaking team led by cellarmaster, Mark le Roux, work tirelessly to craft the fine wine that

Waterford Estate has become known for. The centerpiece of our brand is the focal point of our

Tasting Room, the Fountain. Symbolising the ethos of our brand and its immortalisation on our

wines labels it is hard not to be pulled into its tranquil trickle while you enjoy a glass of the

Helderberg Mountain’s finest.

All are welcome here at Waterford Estate, from experienced winemakers to general wine

enthusiasts, we will treat you with the level of service indicative of the wine that we produce.

From international travelers to our regular guests, the level of care, passion and knowledge you

will experience can be enjoyed by all.

But don’t take our word for it, join us for an unforgettable tasting experience. Our dedicated

tasting room staff will keep you entertained with their amazing stories about the wines, their

incredible knowledge not only of Waterford wines but of the world of wine and their unique

stories and ambitions.

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