It came from the soil - The Waterford Antigo

By Jeremy Maarschalk

Thursday - 02/11/2023

Fine wine is a culmination of terroir, experience, and quality.

“For me, the best interpretation of terroir is shown through wines that aren’t covered by winemaking. Winemaking should merely be a catalyst, involved, but not to interfere or alter the wine of origin.” – Mark le Roux, cellarmaster.

In the world of winemaking, the soil in which vines are grown plays a pivotal role in defining the character of the wine produced. Nowhere is this truer than at Waterford Estate, where the Cabernet Sauvignon vines thrive in a soil as distinctive as the wine it yields.

Our Waterford Antigo, a Bordeaux blend led by Cabernet Sauvignon, where the true star of the show is the red clay-based soil, reminiscent of the rich, red hues of the right bank of Bordeaux itself.

Waterford's Mastery of Cabernet Sauvignon

At Waterford Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon is more than just a grape variety; it's a muse, a calling, and a purpose. The Antigo is a testament to the years of experience and the deep understanding of our unique terroir. It's this intimate knowledge of the soil and the Cabernet vines that gives our winemaking team the confidence to craft truly exceptional expressions of the Helderberg through this noble varietal.

The Soil's Role in Shaping the Antigo

The Waterford Antigo gets its unique character from the exceptional terroir in which its Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are nurtured. The soil, a red clay base with decomposed sandstone, is not just a backdrop but an active participant in crafting the wine. This vibrant, red clay soil is akin to a nurturing parent, providing an ideal environment for the Cabernet vines to thrive.

This type of soil has an incredible ability to retain moisture and is rich in easily accessible nutrients. As a result, the vines enjoy an environment that encourages strong, stress free growth and the development of lush, ripe fruit. It is this generous environment that gives the Antigo its signature plush fruit-focused profile, with softer tannins that make it so deliciously easy to drink.

This translates into a wine brimming with red fruit flavours, offering a delightful experience for those who savour the finer nuances of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The name "Antigo" - it's a name that captures the essence of the red clay soil that these Cabernet vines call home. The soil, mixed with decomposed sandstone, gives the land a distinct shimmering gold hue. This unique blend of soil is reflected in the wine's name - a name that honors the earth and the remarkable wine it helps create.

A Wine That Stands the Test of Time

While the red clay soil imparts immediate charm to the Waterford Antigo, the wine is not just about the here and now. It boasts the ability to stand the test of time, thanks to the skilled hands at Waterford Estate.

Maturation in oak barrels is an integral part of the wine's journey, harmonising the blend while endowing it with longevity marked by the integrated structure. This structure adds to the depth of the wine, ensuring that it evolves gracefully over the years. It's not just the tannins that allow a wine to age; the acidity also plays a crucial role in its ageing potential. The vibrant acidity, pronounced in its youth, gradually softens over time, contributing to the wine's harmonious integrity as it matures.

The result is a wine that can be appreciated in its youth or cellared, rewarding those who choose to let it evolve over time.

The Waterford Antigo is a Bordeaux blend that transcends the ordinary. It's a wine with a deep connection to its terroir, a wine that represents the mastery of Cabernet Sauvignon at Waterford Estate. With its lush fruit-focused character, refined tannins, and remarkable ageing potential, the Antigo is a wine that truly came from the soil, and its story continues to evolve with every sip.

The Antigo is not just a wine; it's a showcase of Waterford's mastery of Cabernet Sauvignon, a grape that we have wholeheartedly embraced. Every bottle tells the story of the estate's commitment to its vines, to the land, and to the art of winemaking.

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